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Creating Internet of Your Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently one of the big hypes. Tech journalists can’t stop writing about its opportunities, but practical applications are rarely found. What can you actually do with this technology, today, and within your organization? This white paper provides you with practical information.

Published by: Microsoft

Integration of

People claim the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a big hype. In truth it is much more than that. According to research almost anything you can think off can be connected to the internet. In this white paper, we will be discussing how system integration solutions can be translated to the era of the Internet-of-Things.

Published by: Codit

Positioning White Paper: Data Governance in the Public Sector

In this era of big data, the issue of data governance becomes ever more important. It involves a system of agreements and procedures on how to ensure the quality of data in your organization. This paper will help you choose, implement and execute the best data strategy.

Published by: Microsoft

Rethinking the business benefits of the cloud

With cloud computing, you can increase your earnings, get into international markets more easily and boost customer satisfaction. All this with lowered costs and risks.
This inspiring whitepaper describes the new opportunities that businesses get from cloud computing. Did you think of all these options yourself?

Published by: Microsoft

User experience and the cloud

User experience is an important component of customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction leads to increased sales and profits. Today's digital products and services can and should - at least partly - compete in terms of user experience. Cloud computing offers you a helping hand.

Published by: Microsoft

Get started with the Internet of Things in your organization

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers golden opportunities to businesses. The problem is: where to start? What about the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite? This makes it possible to monitor devices and improve efficiency. It also facilitates the deployment of fine-grained data analytics.

Published by: Microsoft

Trusted Cloud: Microsoft Azure Security, Privacy, and Compliance

The emergence of cloud computing leads to an increasingly important role for IT departments when it comes to making business decisions. Analysts expect that the importance of the cloud will only increase in the years to come. Yet many CIOs are doubtful as to what to expect.

Published by: Microsoft

Microsoft Azure IoT Reference Architecture

Internet of Things (IoT) can completely change business models while enabling growth. Microsoft Azure Internet of Things services can be a boost to your business. This reference architecture of IoT solutions, built on the Micosoft Azure platform, provide a handle if you wish to extract more value from IoT within your organization.

Published by: Microsoft

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